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Skyway was accredited by Malawi government as an institution of higher learning on 17th July 2012 to offer own degrees and diplomas programmes. In view of the foregoing, Skyway University Council decided to change name from SIMARD to Skyway University (SU) on Friday, 5th October 2012 to befit the new status.

The University that started with only three streams of degree programmes, namely Bachelor of Social Science in Community Development with majors in Public Health and Rural Development, Bachelor of Arts Human Resources Management and Bachelor of Art Project Management has now grown to house the following six faculties: Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Accountancy and Management and Faculty of Education.


The university is offering a range of undergraduate degree programmes that were carefully developed to address the needs and aspirations of Malawi and Africa in general. These include, Public Health, Community Development, Human Resources Management, Project Management, Disaster Management, Law, Accountancy, Business Administration, Climate Change and Education.


In order to provide students with progression to further studies, the university offers four (4) competently and internationally fit two year (2) masters’ degree programmes in Development Studies, Business Administration, Human Resources Management and Public Health.


In order to help those with masters degree to progress in job and professional career and more importantly produce competent executives and scholars, the university is offering seven (7) three year Doctoral Degree programmes in Administration/Management, Health Sciences, Education, Human Services, Development Studies, Public Health and Business Administration.


It is therefore undisputable fact that choosing Skyway University (SU) will be one of the most important decisions that you can ever make. In order to help you, we have tried to set out as clearly as possible in our prospectus what Skyway University is offering, progression and entry requirements that is available at front offices in our three campuses in Mzuzu, Lilongwe and Blantyre and on website;  


As an innovative university, we offer tailor made courses that are highly demanded by employers in Malawi and Africa. This makes our students more relevant and employable. Our students benefit from a learning process which emphasizes on vital importance of developing personal and employability skills.


As a modern university, we ensure that our graduates are relevant and modern by equipping them with knowledge and skills to play key roles in a dynamic world by keeping pace with changing employers and job requirements.


The University is renowned for its warm and friendly atmosphere and continues to be a popular choice for applicants In Malawi and Southern Africa. There is always a warm welcome for student from all walks of life and as a result students from most districts of the country and neighbouring countries are currently studying here.


Our research has confirmed that Skyway University graduates occupy senior positions in industry, commerce, civil society, NGOs, development circles and Government in Malawi because of relevance of programmes we offer and more importantly the quality of teaching that is offered as students are trained both theoretically and practically.


In our bid to improve access to tertiary education, the University offers residential facilities to both female and male students who may not have a place to stay in cities. We are proud to be the only private university that offers excellent full lodging facilities in Malawi for both male and female students.


Skyway University is the most accessible university in Malawi as it is found in three administrative regions of the country, Mzuzu in the north, Lilongwe in the centre and Blantyre in the south.


The university has adopted a flexible mode of study that accommodates people from all walks of life that include; Weekend classes, evening classes (Monday-Thursday), Full time classes (Monday-Friday), Distance Learning and Once in a month classes (Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


If you are interested in a University with a long established international reputation in research and teaching, combined with an exceptionally conducive environment that can sustain a high quality of students scholarly life then Skyway University is your ultimate answer.


It is my hope that you will seriously consider coming to join us.  Our admission service will be happy to help you find the degree programme which is right for you and make you relevant to current job demand and mould you into an entrepreneur.








About Skyway University

Skyway University (SU) is a subsidiary of Skyway Holdings Private Limited (SHL) conglomerate of Skyway Girls Secondary School (SGSS) boarding and for girls only in Lilongwe and Skyway Private Secondary School (SPSS) for both girls and boys in Blantyre and Centre for Management, Research and Development (CEMARD).


Skyway started in July 2002 as Skyway Computer School (SCS) in Lilongwe. After the introduction of business courses and expansion to Blantyre and Mzuzu, it changed name to Skyway Business College (SBC). After successful development and initiation of Diploma in Community Development and Diploma in HIV & AIDS Management, it changed name from Skyway Business College to Skyway Institute of Management Research and Development (SIMARD) on Friday, 9th February, 2009.

Skyway was accredited by Malawi government as an institution of higher learning on 17th July 2012 to offer own degrees and diplomas, Skyway Council decided to change the name from SIMARD to Skyway University (SU) on Friday, 5th October 2012 to befit the new status

In order to assist Malawians in rural areas who fail to access tertiary education because they have nowhere to stay in urban cities where many colleges and universities are located, Skyway decided to offer excellent boarding facilities since 2004.


Become a Leader in Tertiary Education


To provide tailor-made tertiary education and conduct research that will positively contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.


Skyway University exits to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country by educating the Malawi population at tertiary level.

Specific objectives

  • To train the required human resource to assist government in achieving its development goals,
  • To educate Malawian population thereby relieving the government of its burden of educating its populace to tertiary level,
  • To conduct research and development in education sector in order to introduce relevant and tailor made programs that address socio-economic problems the country is facing,
  • To improve access to tertiary education for rural masses by offering excellent boarding facilities,
  • To create conducive learning environment through construction of purposely built structures suitable for tertiary education,
  • To provide the much needed employment opportunities to Malawians.

Commitment and dedication

We are committed to doing the best we can in all we do. We take responsibility for setting and achieving high standards and are proud of what we are able to achieve. We deliver what we have committed to.


We value quality in others, seek to learn from our mistakes, transfer best experiences and strive to continuously improve. We keep our datelines and keep those affected informed of our progress.


We create an environment that challenges all our participants to set high standards for themselves as well as others and consider it our duty to encourage our products to be innovative and enterprising and adopt a more development focus that serves not only the advantages for the College but also the nation at large.

National Consciousness

We strive to ensure excellent tailor-made programmes that reflect and address the needs and aspirations of Malawi and other developing countries specifically adopting a capacity building approach to sustainable socio-economic development and attainment of full actualization of humanity worldwide.


We strive to deliver our services in a professional, comprehensive manner guided by the principles of integrity, accountability and transparency; and clearly defined code of conduct that is people-centered.


We conduct ourselves in the manner to maintain and protect our integrity by being honest to our clients and stakeholders.